Aaron's Pond Project

When I first built our summer cottage I decided to put in a small pond and waterfall to augment the landscape. Ten years later and much $$ we are still adding and improving what is now a complete network of streams, waterfalls, ponds, and more. We have both trout (Rainbow) and Koi fish ponds. We also have a "natural" pool that we are letting nature reclaim.

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The culmination of 3 years of love and labour:

The upper pond is fed by a waterfall pumped from the lower basin. Cascading over rocks, it helps aerate the water. I am told that during the day it will heat rather then cool the water because of the sun's effect on the rocks. Since we have Rainbow Trout, I am very concerned about water temperature.

The second set of cascading water is directly under the bridge. It can be controlled by a dam as well as electronically by remote control. The lower basin can be turned off since it is only the upper one that has fish. The lower basin is left to self populate naturally and contains most of the plant material.

As you can see the lower pond has many rocks and natural features. The perimeter planting is obviously not natural but still adds some colour and beauty to the overall landscaping.

Here you can see the shed in the background with Joseph (at 2.5 years old) coming down the walkway across the bridge.

The mountain you see in the background is actually across a valley which sits just south of our property line. The view is spectacular, especially in the fall.