Hi ! My name is Michal. I am 16 years old now and attend a private school in Canada. I study English, French and at one time, Hebrew.  Two years ago I came in second in the whole province in the English essay writing contest. My favourite subject is Science, English and history. Some of my favourite activities include snowmobiling, swimming, skiing and computers.  On weekends I also love to ride on my ATV or snowmobile. We used to ride all over the Hefer Valley almost up until the Sea Of Galiliee when we lived in Israel. In summer I love the lake at our home in Canada and hiking with my dad in the forest. We also have fun boating and fishing. If I'm really lucky, we get to trail ride on the snowmobiles. Every month I try to give give tzedaka (charity) or do a mitsva (a good deed). Last year I volunteered for the Jewish Public Library. In the summer of 2003 I was in Israel as part of the Bronfman Israel Experience program. I had a fantastic time. This year I'll be graduating high school and going on the March of The Living.

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