Mazel Tov and Farewell to the Remer Family

This summer, Aaron and Tracey Remer make Aliya, to settle in the environs of Netanya, taking with them their beautiful children Michal, Dana, and Joseph. Although this sweet family will be sorely missed in our community, we can hardly complain given that they leave us for the best possible reason – to settle in the Homeland of the Jews, Eretz Yisrael.

Before leaving, Aaron and Tracey accepted the great compliment paid to them by Hebrew Academy of being honoured at the Annual Dinner, to take place in our Synagogue on June 4th, in an effort to help the School in its fundraising for this school year. In so doing, the Remers continued a long tradition of support and involvement in Jewish Education initiated by Yehuda Remer, Aaron’s father, of blessed memory.

Throughout the past year, Aaron served as Treasurer of our Synagogue accepting the daunting task of bringing the Synagogue’s finances into better order and control. In this capacity, Aaron spent many hours, being ever ready to help and support any committee or group within the Synagogue that might call on him for assistance. He personally undertook to bring our office into this century, as well as the next, with our updated, networked computer system, a significant portion of which was also donated by the Remer Group. This task alone involved uncounted number of hours on Aaron’s part. Throughout this period, Aaron’s sense of commitment t our Synagogue was such that – even when his business called him to Israel or other countries – he called us several times a week, and remained in "faxual" or "internet" contact with us frequently.

Parting with this family is a difficult process for us, but we are sure that this is an ‘au revoir’, rather than ‘goodbye’, a ‘lehitraot’ rather than ‘shalom’, and the establishment of a satellite membership in Israel, rather than their loss from our Congregation.

Best wishes and good fortune to you in your move to Israel, and please remember: You have many grateful friends in Montreal, this place we call home.

Behatzlacha, Lehitraot.
In gratitude,

Rabbi Newman