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This is where we spend our winter holidays and summers. Isn't it just paradise!! Lac Manitou is a large lake located in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains. The water is so pure that we pump our drinking water straight from the lake!

We are located in a Laurentian town named after a famous French nobleman that once owned a lot of land here at the turn of the century. Surprisingly, what is now heavily forested hills was once denuded grazing ground for cattle and sheep! Lac Manitou is fed by a dozen or so streams plus some underground springs. The lake's outflow is through one creek that eventually feeds into the Riviere du Nord. The lake is populated by Perch, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass and many other species of wildlife.

Lac Manitou and Region

Beaver Swimming in a nearby Lake

Our Boathouse with Sundeck

Lake is so clear, I could shave and comb my hair just looking at this natural mirror

Sunset over the boathouse