Family Genealogy

This section of our family genealogy deals with the memorial book project begun 3 years ago dedicated to the memory of Joseph Remer Z"L. In it you will find a current draft of the book as well as a list of credits. The book will be updated occasionally. Eventually, the print version will be made available to the general public.

Click here to read the current unfinished draft of the book
Click here to read about Hivniv

List of Credits:

Stephen Schecter

Research Coordinator
Sharon Hyman

Jeff Shuster
Linda Blanshay
Daniel Ashkenazy
Phyllis Lewis
Mark Shainblum
Carrie Katz
Miriam Weiner
Anne Claxton
Eileen Polakoff

Dr. Fred Krantz
J.R. Adams
Rabbi Sydney Shoham
David Simmonds

Sharon Hyman
Benjamin Burko
Andrei Chabad